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re: What Role Is Expected Of Me In A Group

I first posted this for a kin on the US servers but it is useful on all servers.

I decided to write this guide because I hear so many different opinions on the role of each class in the game. I have been playing this game since open beta and have played all classes. I have learned the strengths and weaknesses of all classes. I have seen good groups and bad (sometimes really bad) groups. I know that when each member of a fellowship understands his job that the group will have its best chance for success

It is a fact that almost everyone spends the majority of their time leveling their character solo. We may join one or two of our friends once in a while but pretty much spend most of our time playing solo.

I give Turbine great credit, they designed each and every class so that they can solo very well. They also included plenty of content for the solo player and with Free To Play they added even more.

We usually start playing in a group (fellowship) for a specific quest or instance. Most of the time we all play the same way with these groups as we played solo with the exception of healers (It is these groups that discourage many healers since healing everyone in the group is a near impossible task). We kill everything in sight and think that we are the most important player in the group.

For the most part a group of players all using their solo tactics will complete most quests and instances up until somewhere around level 50. That is when the game changes. Group tactics are required for success. Group make-up starts to become important.

In order to have a successful group everyone needs to understand the roles of the other classes.

Each player needs to understand his role in his current group. If you are not sure what role the group expects of you be sure that you ask. Since many classes can play multiple roles in a single group or can play different roles in different groups, it is often necessary for a player to change his traits for his expected role.

I will define the group roles but first need to define the terminology used. Since many of us came from different games, the terms as we understand them may be different.



The one person assigned to start the fight. This usually is the main tank but many fight are best started with crowd control.



The sole job of the main tank is to get agro on all the mobs that the group is going the be fighting. It is not his job to kill to kill anything although he will be helping on this. The tank classes are designed to take a lot of damage and to get high on the hate list of many mobs at the same time. The rest of the group will normally be focusing their damage on the main tank's target.


The role of the off tank is two fold. He will be the one that picks up stray mobs who usually will be going after the healers. Sometimes the fight requires the main tank to hold agro on a specific mob while the rest of the group focuses on a different mob. Targeting this mob for the group will be the job of the off tank. Not all groups require an off tank.


DPS (Damage Per Second) are the members of the group that will be doing the actual killing. They are the damage dealers. Their job is to stay on the target(s) that the main tank (or off tank) have selected. It is VERY important that DPS stay on the correct target. If you are DPS and on the correct target and pull the agro off the tank it is not a major problem. If you are constantly pulling agro off the main tank then it is your job to temper your attack. You do not want the agro and the healer does not want you having the agro. If you are DPS and on the wrong target then the job of the healer gets complicated and can result in a group wipe.



The main healer has the job of keeping the whole group alive. He does this with both buffs and heals. Quite often the healer will have to make choices as to which person to heal. He will have to decide who is the most necessary to the group ( quite often keeping himself alive is the best for the group). He should tell the tank/off tank when he is getting agro and bring it to the tank. The tank cannot be expected to go to the healer.


The off healer (back-up healer) is someone who may be called on to assist the main healer, heal a specific member of the group or take over the healing if the main healer dies or runs out of power. Very often he is the one who keeps the main healer healed.


Most classes have skills/abilities that can assist the healer, make healing easier or supplement the healing. A tank or DPS class helps with the correct stance. A lore master helps by choosing the correct pet. A captain has the choice of several heralds/banners. Also in this category is the lore master ability to restore power to other players as that is a type of healing.



The buffer uses his skills to increase the offensive and defensive abilities of the group. He will usually be the one that determines the needs of the individuals but usually will buff according to the requests of the individuals. (As an example: some healers will want a power buff while others may want a morale buff and others will want a crit. buff)


The debuffer has the job of weakening or removing the abilities of the attacking mobs. Quite often the group will never realize that mobs have been debuffed. The debuffer has to read the strengths/weaknesses of the opposition and choose his debuffs accordingly. He also must let the rest of the group know what mobs are most susceptible or most resistant to a certain damage or skill. Another type of debuff is the removal of debuffs on a player (i.e. removing a wound) during a battle.

Crowd Control

Very often the success or failure of a battle is decided by preventing some of the enemy from joining the fight or doing their own buffing/debuffing until the group has control of the fight. We usually think of crowd control in the form or mezzes or stuns but roots and fears also are types of crowd control. The player applying the root, mez, fear or stun has to let the rest of the group know which mobs are being controlled and for how long. The job of the rest of the groups is to avoid interrupting the control. Knowing what will break a mez/stun/root is the job of every player. Applying the control where the group will not interrupt it is the responsibility or the person applying the control.


There are several other support roles that need mentioning.


Somewhat akin to a debuff that stops the mob from resisting certain damage types.


Preventing a mob from using a certain skill/ability.


The ability to perform in-combat resurrections.

Certain skills are not roles, per se, such as the ability the steal agro or absorb group damage but may be called for during a fight.


Certain classes are by design better suited to a specific job. The group make up will sometimes make the job assignments obvious. Other times the group leader will assign jobs. In most groups several players will be doing more than one role.

The following are the classes that are best for the role listed because of their skills.

MAIN TANK - Guard, Warden

OFF TANK - Guard, Warden, Champ

DPS - Champ, Hunter, Runekeeper

MAIN HEALER - Minstrel, Runekeeper

OFF HEALER - Minstrel, Runekeeper, Captain (Loremaster)

BUFFER - Captain, Minstrel, Runekeeper, Loremaster

DEBUFFER - Burglar, Loremaster, Captain

CROWD CONTROL - Loremaster, Burglar, Hunter, Minstrel

IN-COMBAT RESURRECTION - Captain, Minstrel (Rune Keeper skill "Do Not Fall This Day" or the Lore Master ability to self rez may fall into this category)


Several other things can make a major contribution to a group:

Have only one person designated to start a fight.

Let the main tank get agro before doing damage.

Have your voice chat enabled. Even if you do not have a microphone or want to use one. Voice directions are faster than typing and do not get in the way of doing your job.

Keep chat to a minimum once the fight starts.

All players should have their group assist window open and know how to use it.

Group leader should set group assist(s)

Group leader should set a group fellowship maneuver.

Group should be assigned there position in the fellowship maneuver.

Group member need to know how and when to join fellowship maneuver.

Everyone should have power, morale, poison, fear, disease and wound pots, food, scrolls and hope tokens.

Use potions to help your healers.


If we could have a perfect group and everyone does their job:

The tank will get agro on all mobs and turn the agro away from the group.

The healer will ONLY have to heal the tank since he is the only one taking damage.

Everyone will be doing the most damage possible.

All mobs will take the most damage possible.

Nobody will run out of power.

All mobs will die in the desired order.

Na'i / Harry

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re: What Role Is Expected Of Me In A Group

well said but pple dont know other classes and have no idea what other class can do . Good thing to learn that is ettenmoors but not every1 like pvp and i understand that . After reaching R10 on my "main" champ (over 2years ago) and couple R7-8 on freep/creep side i rlly used to see what other classes can do . I also fell diffrence between PVP minstrel and a mini who never been in etten . . . pvp minstrels know their skills much better.

HNTS : In many raids there are CC problems . . .easy to solve . . hunters can put 4 traps . . 3in combat . Each give rlly long cc time , then bard arrow then root again . What more hunters can do ? Any range mob should be fast quick shotted by hnt to get agrro from mini and watch to not any range mob was hitting healer. If u see a CC breking /mezz/stun . . fear arrow instalty . .dont wait .If u fear it . . lm or brg can wait till their cd on stun is off. Also . . resolute aim + everything that makes ur induction perfect . U may think its usless in pve but in many situations when mobs are going aoe ur getting interrupted . If u have low hp . . . root or fear instant and dont run away like a naked girl but stay close to mini and dont panic , in this situation a champ will 100% get agrro of u . ( + remoember that u can fear wargs etc with ur not legend skill ) . Every hunt who is using press onward = kick it out . Get skill that restores ur power from every hit . if ur fine with power trait burn hot . also when we are killing little punks like in OD poison . . dont wait till they come to u . . u got HS , use it .

Burgs: in etten rlly good ganking class . U wont see any diffrences from burg in pve or pvp . all u need is stun, trip , ready and go , and all crafted things that can be use to start conj. Rem to trait +2% dmg from weaknes mark and +3% extra inc crit from counter strike or something . Thing u should do 1st is to put the weaknees mark + inc crit on main target then debuff with slow/miss or lower atk speed of mobs around us . Then dps main target . Fellow rlly need ur debuffs cuz ur dps sucks . Rem that u have maaaany conj : simple conj start skill , trip . . even if u are not in stealth u can go in combat stealth use trip , then use standard conj start then ready and go and do it again . .that give u 4conj !! Try making conj from BEHIND ur target . For CC trait ur stun for extra 5s stun . Rem that u base on crit/evade so its worth to have high devastate/crit/evade ratings . Also if there is a mob hitting mins try use provoke on it or grab agrro or stun. IF ur running low on hp u can use any troll or other mob that can stun u for extra morale and passive touch and go .

Champs: easy class . . 1st thing : AoE near healers , second thing : challange range mobs that have agrro on mini . Tank any mob when needed . Rem about clobber + flurry and adamant. Use CB at start of the fight cuz flurry/eob will stay on u all fight even when CB time will turn off. WHen ur are running less than 40% hp turn fast to glory to get larger heal and then back to ferv . Also rem that some skills ppressed in right order give u faster ferv build . For 2h its about swift->wild->brutal->clobber->swift <--best combo . When ur brutal is on cd and ur using 2h use remo if ur on dual wield it good to have traited feral strikes . After every kill u should use red haze to make ur ferv floating faster .

Healers: do not stay at the mobs aoe area . make sure ur inductions are going without interruptes . There are some ways to heal and i dont rlly know how minstrels work but if ur in raid focus ur heals on tanks and aoe dps as they will go down a little faster .Rem that u have got the power shield to take dmg and some shouts that can stun enemy + also fear . THe little mobs will not kill fast hnts or cpts or rks and champ/tank getting 2-3k per hit need more heal so dont worry about hnt who will take 2k in 2-3min . . u can heal him later but u must know that this mob cant rlly kill it and focus on main thing .

Tanks wrd/guard: U are ones who need to pick agrro from most mobs in group and keep them in heal range but away from group. Spam ur aoe shouts dont focus on making some dps .IF u see any1 coming close to u with mob grab it , that mean that this player is expecting u to tank it . Also challange mobs from healers and go back to ur tank positions .Even 5-10sc is enought to heal and kill mob that is attacking healer. If needed use ur shield-wall on healer to save it and then aoe shout and move mobs away. Focus on grabbin mobs even for 5sc on u . Or if champ is tanking diffrent mob and fellow killed ur mob first go and use shield-wall on it too.

lms: not many of u are using tar . . its soo helpfull skill . .. it makes kitting easier . U can stun anything u want and do than when u asked to . Also debuff mobs wth wing lore or anything else . U can use cracked earth if we are fighting a group of mobs and spam any stuns u have. U dont have to wait for late stage when mini has 0 power to give him some . Do it any time u can and keep draining since begining . More floating power in mini power bar will make his job easier. Even if some1 is kitting mob and ur free to stun it . . do it . IF target is being kited for long time use slow on it ;p as lm's slow is op :P

Prop i forgot about some things but i dont know how to describe some things too . U must learn it by gameplay and watching other classes . If u see them doing things i wrote , they are doing fine.

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re: What Role Is Expected Of Me In A Group

Nice story bro , lots of things in there most classes should know , don't rly agree that u need to play pvp to learn ur class better , but it might help. This is a usefull post but i'd very much like to see something similar as u and me posted for each class and i would like the class trainers to take action there . Also i would like ppl to ASK for advice to the class trainers , that's why we apointed them , and if they don't know what issues to adress then they can't just post whatever on the topic of their class , so pls more feedback between trainers and classes , that's why they were appointed , so u can ask them , that is ofc if u want to become better at using ur class , if not then its ur loss.

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